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Nancy Kresin-Price


Nancy has a Ph.D. in Transformative Studies from the California Institute of Integral Studies and also has degrees in Liberal Studies from Sunbridge College in New York, with an emphasis on Social Art; and in Acting from DePaul University's Goodman School of Drama (now The Theatre School) in Chicago.

She most recently taught high school art, humanities, and history in a Waldorf School that she helped to found and where she has been teaching since 1996. In addition to her work with grade school, teen-aged, and adult students, she is a writer, a transformative scholar, and a performing and visual artist. Her current interests are primarily focused on Goethe's phenomenology of the natural world and the human being's place within it.




While we definitely see aspects of the natural world outwardly, there is also an unseen energy in nature that works in a healing way upon the human being. At Botanical Bounty Designs, I endeavor to make visible the healing quality of nature and to provide a visual experience of that energy through an artistic medium.

All the designs are hand-drawn with brush markers; most using water color ink and some are then manipulated with water and a clean paint brush. Those works are then printed on textiles, canvas, or small personal accessories so that the client can be reminded of nature's true powers while moving through daily life. 

If you have ideas or color-schemes or specific flowers that you'd like to see on a textile, I can create a custom design to meet your preferences. Email me to discuss your requests! I hope that you enjoy looking at the flowers as much as I have enjoyed painting them!

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